bevis pa att jag inte lider av aneroxiaTillbaka till toppen

This pic was taken just the other day
my BMI is not under 21
and I think my body looks smokein hot on it
so no worries sweethearts <3
i just do not want to be the fat one ;)
(my blogname is not deadlyserious just sarcasticly pointing out the little crazy things our minds say sometimes)

even thouhg i dont suffer from anorexia, i do have a complecated relation to food.
I hope some day i will be able to eat without having to think about it too much,
but still keep my goalweight and being able to enjoy the sweetness that is FOOD :)

Alexandra Nilsson

Tackar detsamma :)

2011-07-08 @ 11:07:44 |
Smsa Låna

Kul blogg! Hur länge har du haft din blogg?

2011-07-19 @ 22:15:55 | http://smsalå

tackaar smsalåna, sen årsskiftet ;)

2011-07-19 @ 23:12:20

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